Barge travel is by deck spaces only.  Barge deck spaces are $60.00 each.  Each deck space authorizes the holder to utilize six feet in one of three lanes aboard the barge for one round trip.  Vehicle size determines the number of deck spaces required.  Lengths over an increment of six feet are rounded to the nearest six feet.  The price given at the time of reservation is an estimate based on the customer’s reported length of the vehicle.  Actual price is determined at the time of arrival and is based on actual measurement of the total length of the vehicle including any appendages and overhang.  Please note; underestimating vehicle length at time of reservation may result in loss of place on the barge.  Barge reservations must be cancelled at least 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged the full amount.  Only one person allowed in vehicle while on the barge.


The Village of Bald Head Island collects vehicle permit fees from operators of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles using the roads maintained by the Village.   Known as "ICE Fees", they are either paid on a daily basis by less frequent users of the roads, or on an annual basis by more regular users.   The selling of daily ICE Vehicle Permits is done at the Barge Office.  Annual ICE Vehicle Permits are sold on the island by the Village of Bald Head Island.   If you are going to purchase an annual permit from the Village, please tell the barge clerk and you will be issued a temporary "no fee" pass.   If you require further information call the Village police department at 457-5252.

Greater Than or Equal ToBut Less ThanCategoryDaily ICE FeeAnnual ICE Fee
0 Feet15 FeetI$30.00$220.00
15 Feet21 FeetII$75.00$730.00
21 Feet27 FeetIII$150.00$1,360.00
27 Feet33 FeetIV$275.00$2,730.00
33 FeetV$360.00$3,640.00
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